Why would you want to install a cheap floor?

You know what they say. Beware of cheap imitations. But okay, that may be perfectly understandable. You may be dying to carry out a long-overdue home renovation, but you have purposely held yourself back because of the likely cost to be incurred. That may well be commendable. It is right thinking on your part in believing that in order to carry out a proper remodeling job, some expense must be incurred.

Monarch plank floors

Monarch plank floors are, let’s just say, cheaper by the dozen. You can order how so many planks and have these converted into your new floor. Ready-made oak wood floorboards may still be a bit on the pricier side for you. With bare planks there are just so many possibilities. You can have these boards painted and planed to any color or style you like. And the finished article could always look just like the real deal.

It is not quite a cheap imitation in this case study. But it is a suggestion on how you can innovate with what little you may think you have. If you are a DIY enthusiast, quite handy with your tools and hands, and a quick learner to boot, you could have real fun with this project. You know the saying. Do not try this at home. Yes, you can watch online video demonstrations on how old floorboards are reprised.

And how new planks are put in its place. You can see how they place the boards firmly in place. And then see how they lacquer it well so that it is well protected from all elements and last you a really long time. But if you’re not the proverbial handyman, it would probably be better to trust the resources of those men who know how to work with wood.